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Over 125 Years: GALERIE OSTENDORFF at Prinzipalmarkt in Münster:

On December 18, 1889, Albert Ostendorff founded the Alphonsus Bookstore, Publishing and Varia Bookstore (ALPHONSUS-BUCHHANDLUNG, Verlags- und Sortimentsbuchhandlung). The firm established its business at Prinzipalmarkt 11, abutting the city hall and at the heart of Münster. Although it began in the sale and trade of Christian literature and devotional objects. Ostendorff expanded over time to offer art objects and picture frames.

Ostendorff's sons, Albert and Gerhard continued to manage the firm after the death of ther father under the name "Albert Ostendorff, Publishing and Varia Bookstore, Art and Painting Trade, Carpets and Antiquities" (ALBERT OSTENDORFF, Verlags- und Sortimentsbuchhandlung, Kunst- und Gemäldehandel, Teppiche und Antiquitäten).

On June 26, 1958, the firm name was changed to "Gerd Ostendorff, Publishing and Varia Bookstore, Art and Painting Trade, Carpets and Antiquities.

After the death of Gerd Ostendorff, the firm was renamed to "Gerd Ostendorff Successor on January 1, 1974. In 1989, the firm became a limited liability company (GmbH).

Andreas Gattinger became director of the firm in 1996. Since the gallery has presented two or three exhibitions each year. We also participate annually in the Art and Antiquities Fair at the Halle Münsterland and in the Cologne Fine Art Fair. In 2013, a restructuring of the building interior at Prinzipalmarkt 11 expanded our gallery space by one third. Since 2018 Andreas Gattinger is owner of the "Galerie Ostendorff GmbH".

GALERIE OSTENDORFF is a member of the Association of German Gallerists (Bundesverband Deutscher Galeristen, BVDG).